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Which is Better ?

Which is Better: Plastic or Paper Ice Cream Cups?

Before opening an ice cream shop, you may receive conflicting advice about plastic or paper cups for ice cream. You have many decisions to make: what machines to buy, what supplies to use, and so on. We're here to help you determine if plastic or paper ice cream cups are right for you.

Plastic cups and paper cups for ice cream

  Plastic ice cream cups are well known for their use with ice cream, ice cream sundaes and banana slices. They are great for these snacks as the clear plastic allows your customers to see all the toppings. This is a visual enjoyment, but also a delicious!

Langma custom Ice-cream Paper Cup

  Paper ice cream cups are known for traditional ice cream and more to-go options. Paper ice cream cups are slightly thicker than plastic ones, so they're better for take-out and to-go ice cream. Besides, there are many more LIDS to choose from. Paper ice cream cups also come in more patterns and sizes.
  Which is more suitable for your ice cream shop
  The type of ice cream cup that best fits your ice cream cup depends on the service you provide and the type of customers you serve. If you serve exquisite sundaes and you really want your ice cream to be the star, then plastic ice cream cups may be your best bet. However, if most of your customers don't dine, paper ice cream cups may be your best choice as they are better suited for take-out and take-out customers. If variety is your main concern, paper ice cream cups have more color, pattern and size options. You can even choose custom paper cups for your ice cream shop.
  Invest in custom ice cream cups

  Your ice cream shop is a brand. The brand includes your products, store decor, logos, social media, storefronts, and all other content related to your ice cream shop. Custom ice cream cups allow you to place your brand on top of the cup. When customers see your cup, they see your brand. They are another aspect of your store that accurately shows your identity to your customers. You can customize everything about the appearance of the ice cream cup.
  Your decoration is an important part of the ice cream shop. Even if you have the best ice cream in the world, your decor can still add or subtract it.Custom ice cream cups allow you to further curate your ice cream shop decor. They are the best way to serve frozen desserts at your ice cream shop. Your brand is also easier for your customers to identify! Custom ice cream cups are perfect for your ice cream shop.
  The type of paper cups for ice cream that is best for your ice cream shop depends on your shop. If you consider the extra marketing these cups will give you, the special design time you'll get, and the custom made cups you'll get. If you would like more information about custom ice cream cups, please email our custom brand team .

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